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New York is The Empire State, but it’s not an empire like ever seen before. This empire is a place that celebrates diversity, culture and variety. New York stands as a benchmark of strength in a free society. From its beautiful mountains in the north to its mammoth city in the south, New York is undeniably the king of states. The border around this poster repeats the phrase, “Unique New York.” Buy Prints Here.


Welcome to Mississippi. It’s a place where warmth and hospitality strive to overcome an image of bitterness and poverty. Despite being the poorest state in the nation, there’s hope and beauty everywhere. No wonder they call it The Magnolia State. Buy Prints Here.

Connecticut. With the 4th highest population density, it’s the place to live. It may not have the flashiest cities or the biggest mountains, but Connecticut is a thriving state than sustains a high standard of living. So let’s hear it for this state of well being. Won’t you be my neighbor? Buy Prints Here.

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