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Iowa is a simple place, but an honest place. It’s not just a bunch of flat-land farmers. Iowa has french roots, and is actually one of the most forward-thinking, intellectual states in the nation. Buy Prints Here.


Don’t mess with Illinois. It’s the 5th most populous state, the home of Chicago, and the land of Lincoln. Above all, Illinois is a place with a drive that is tenacious enough to sustain the audacious dreams that it forges. Located in the heart of the Midwest, this state is America’s true backbone.
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Indiana is on the way to everywhere. No wonder it’s home to one of the world’s most famous car races, its sports teams dominate, and its people are so productive. In everything, Indiana reaches for greater, and that, my friends, is nothing to scoff at. Buy Prints Here.

Missouri is where east meets west, and where north meets south. It cares deeply for its own people, and it brings others together. Missouri is our common ground. Buy Prints Here.

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