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When it comes to history, Massachusetts is very wealthy. It’s the birthplace of great leaders like the Kennedys and the Adams, cultural awakenings like the Boston Tea Party and the abolition of slavery, and important institutions like Harvard and the Boston Red Sox. It may have some quirks, but I think the Mayflower picked a stellar place to land. Buy Prints Here.


Like the setting of a fairytale or the subject of a lullaby, Vermont sits nestled just south of Quebec in the Green Mountains, and was once part of New France (Vert-Green, Mont-Mountain). As the second least populous state and the fifth smallest, Vermont lays low and draws on the soul, daring it to connect with nature. Buy Prints Here.

Connecticut. With the 4th highest population density, it’s the place to live. It may not have the flashiest cities or the biggest mountains, but Connecticut is a thriving state than sustains a high standard of living. So let’s hear it for this state of well being. Won’t you be my neighbor? Buy Prints Here.

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Somewhere tucked between bubbling brooks, winding roads and hilltop pastures, there is a place where ideas are born. This place isn’t very large, but its people stand tall. This place is the Granite State. This place is New Hampshire. Buy Prints Here.

I lead. That is the translation of Maine’s Latin motto. It’s a bold definition of character, and one to be admired. Trust me, if you can manage to find it through the fog, you’ll find that Maine is a treasure worth searching for. Buy Prints Here.

Rhode Island is not an island. But heck, let’s just pretend. After all, it is the smallest state geographically. Geography aside, this state has a lot to offer historically, and culturally- island or not. Buy Prints Here.

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