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New York is The Empire State, but it’s not an empire like ever seen before. This empire is a place that celebrates diversity, culture and variety. New York stands as a benchmark of strength in a free society. From its beautiful mountains in the north to its mammoth city in the south, New York is undeniably the king of states. The border around this poster repeats the phrase, “Unique New York.” Buy Prints Here.


Find normal, then head west. You’ve reached West Virgnia; a place that was formed out of the turmoil of the Civil War, and has become renowned for coal mining and mountain-living. If you want to get away from it all, head to the west of the East. Head to West Virginia. Buy Prints Here.

Not all mottos reflect the true nature of a state, but North Carolina’s comes pretty close. Esse quam videri means “to be, rather than to seem.” This state is the 10th most populous, yet it flies under the radar of public life. Its beautiful and varied landscapes, and its good-natured people stand unaffected by outside influence. They are who they are, through and through. Buy Prints Here.

Virginia is no virgin when it comes to freedom. This state has been a crucial piece of territory since its inception, and not only because it borders Washington DC. Known as the Mother of Presidents, Virginia has never had to shout to be heard. Buy Prints Here.

Pennsylvania. You stretch across geographics and reach across demographics. You have mountains and fields, big cities and small towns. You’re an eastern state with a western spirit and a work ethic like no other.

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Oh, Maryland. You’ve got class. Your long history and beautiful coastline make for pleasant memories, and yet tradition does not define you entirely. In fact, your highly educated, innovative workforce is the rich icing on your delicious, yet strangely-shaped cake. Buy Prints Here.

Some people call Delaware the Blue Hen State, but others call it The Small Wonder. When you look at Delaware’s steadfast strength, it’s easy to realize which name best embodies the second smallest state in the union. Buy Prints Here.

Love it or hate it; New Jersey is something else. It is the most densely populated state, yet it’s known as “The Garden State”. It was a factory hub for the Industrial Revolution, yet is known for its beautiful shoreline. That is just a glimpse of the great contradiction and the immense variety that makes up New Jersey.

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