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Michigan is famous for cars and cold, but there’s so much more to this pleasant peninsula. The great glistening lakes, the towering dunes, and it’s emerging art scene make it one of America’s most beautiful hidden gems. Buy Prints Here


Love it or hate it; New Jersey is something else. It is the most densely populated state, yet it’s known as “The Garden State”. It was a factory hub for the Industrial Revolution, yet is known for its beautiful shoreline. That is just a glimpse of the great contradiction and the immense variety that makes up New Jersey.

It may be 17th in population and 36th in size, but Tennessee is #1 in soul. From the Great Smokey Mountains to Graceland, this rustic state is famous for its raw musical heritage and hardy citizens like B.B. King and Davy Crockett. Buy Prints Here.

At the edge of the enormous Lake Superior sits the eighth state in our series, the magical state of Minnesota. It’s rich in hockey players, in minerals, and in heart. Buy Prints Here.

Colorado, you’re so cool with your ski towns, rustic ranches, and your all-round adventurous outlook on life. Even though you have borders that follow lines of latitude and longitude, you’re anything but square. Buy Prints Here.

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