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Virginia is no virgin when it comes to freedom. This state has been a crucial piece of territory since its inception, and not only because it borders Washington DC. Known as the Mother of Presidents, Virginia has never had to shout to be heard. Buy Prints Here.


Hungry? Come to Nebraska where they grow, raise and evoke deliciousness. Although known for a lengthy drive and its cornhuskin’ citizens, Nebraska is a place to call home. After all, it’s unemployment rate sits around 4% in any given year. So sit down, get comfortable, and grab a fork. Buy Prints Here.

Connecticut. With the 4th highest population density, it’s the place to live. It may not have the flashiest cities or the biggest mountains, but Connecticut is a thriving state than sustains a high standard of living. So let’s hear it for this state of well being. Won’t you be my neighbor? Buy Prints Here.

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They say you shouldn’t mess with Texas, and I tend to agree with them. It’s a mammoth of a state where the only thing bigger than the hats are the hearts. Come on down, spread out and live the ambitious, unhinged, lone star life. Buy Prints Here.

Hello Kentucky. Your idyllic pastures and peaceful meadows seem to conjure memories of times once had, even for those who have never been. You can be feisty, yet modest in the same breath, which is quite impressive. I think Daniel Boone would be proud. Buy Prints Here.

Leave your smart phone at home because no app can enhance your encounter with Wyoming. That’s right, there’s not a latte in sight, and it’s fantastic. You see- if you’re not ready for Wyoming, it will swallow up and spit you out because its mammoth landscapes are one of America’s last truly wild regions. If you need to connect with nature, visit Wyoming. It will change you. Buy Prints Here.

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