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Georgia is a truly diverse state. With mountains, ocean front, rural communities, and a sprawling metropolis, this state seems to have it all. It often flies under the radar, but you won’t find a more pleasant place. In Georgia, even the air smells like peaches. Buy Prints Here.


Arkansas is a special place, but it’s undervalued, underestimated and overlooked. Can you name a city in Arkansas other than Little Rock? Didn’t think so. It might interest you to know that Arkansas is the only state in which diamonds are mined, plus it’s home to Bill Clinton and to a large portion of the Ozark Mountains. If you’re out of the loop on Arkansas, you’re truly missing out. Buy Prints Here.

Welcome to Mississippi. It’s a place where warmth and hospitality strive to overcome an image of bitterness and poverty. Despite being the poorest state in the nation, there’s hope and beauty everywhere. No wonder they call it The Magnolia State. Buy Prints Here.

Hello Kentucky. Your idyllic pastures and peaceful meadows seem to conjure memories of times once had, even for those who have never been. You can be feisty, yet modest in the same breath, which is quite impressive. I think Daniel Boone would be proud. Buy Prints Here.

Welcome to Florida, America’s sexy state. It’s filled with oranges, vacation homes, theme parks, and beaches- lots and lots of beaches. The people here are serious about chilling out. If you ask me, I think we could all take a page from the book of Florida. Buy Prints Here.

Welcome to Louisiana. You may think you’ve been here before, but that’s not unusual. Our murky swamps, Mardi Gras disposition, superstitious characters, and colonial architecture make for a concoction that will make you want to stick around for the sake of pure intrigue. Buy Prints Here.

Dear South Carolina, we both knew this day would come, and I’ve been keeping my eye on you for quite some time. You’re pretty gutsy, and I appreciate your ability to take a stand. You’re not the biggest or the flashiest, but your deep voice has all of us listening. Buy Prints Here.

It may be 17th in population and 36th in size, but Tennessee is #1 in soul. From the Great Smokey Mountains to Graceland, this rustic state is famous for its raw musical heritage and hardy citizens like B.B. King and Davy Crockett. Buy Prints Here.

Nothing says the future like Alabama. Right? The truth is Alabama is retro awesome. It may not be leading the modern world, but it’s leading the country in authenticity. Alabama is real. Real genuine.

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