Find normal, then head west. You’ve reached West Virgnia; a place that was formed out of the turmoil of the Civil War, and has become renowned for coal mining and mountain-living. If you want to get away from it all, head to the west of the East. Head to West Virginia. Buy Prints Here.


Arkansas is a special place, but it’s undervalued, underestimated and overlooked. Can you name a city in Arkansas other than Little Rock? Didn’t think so. It might interest you to know that Arkansas is the only state in which diamonds are mined, plus it’s home to Bill Clinton and to a large portion of the Ozark Mountains. If you’re out of the loop on Arkansas, you’re truly missing out. Buy Prints Here.

When it comes to history, Massachusetts is very wealthy. It’s the birthplace of great leaders like the Kennedys and the Adams, cultural awakenings like the Boston Tea Party and the abolition of slavery, and important institutions like Harvard and the Boston Red Sox. It may have some quirks, but I think the Mayflower picked a stellar place to land. Buy Prints Here.

There’s no place like New Mexico. Seriously, it has a mix of Spanish and Native American roots that can’t be found anywhere else. As the fourth largest state, New Mexico is commonly known as The Land of Enchantment. This is not just a state to be in – it’s a state of being. Buy Prints Here.


Not all mottos reflect the true nature of a state, but North Carolina’s comes pretty close. Esse quam videri means “to be, rather than to seem.” This state is the 10th most populous, yet it flies under the radar of public life. Its beautiful and varied landscapes, and its good-natured people stand unaffected by outside influence. They are who they are, through and through. Buy Prints Here.

It would be a mistake to underestimate the state of Montana in any way. Known as The Treasure State (for Gold & Silver mining) or Big Sky Country (it’s also the 4th largest state), this great place has one theme: abundance. Does it mean everyone there is rich? Not necessarily, but that depends on how you define rich. Buy Prints Here.

Aloha! And welcome to Hawaii, a place where problems seem to fade away through the lens of beautiful beaches and tropical sunsets. Maybe that’s because Hawaii is, for Americans, a place where they can experience an exotic culture without the hassle of leaving home. After all, Hawaii means homeland. Either way, as the last state to join the union, Hawaii is truly a cherry on top of the American Sundae. Buy a Poster.

Welcome to Mississippi. It’s a place where warmth and hospitality strive to overcome an image of bitterness and poverty. Despite being the poorest state in the nation, there’s hope and beauty everywhere. No wonder they call it The Magnolia State. Buy Prints Here.

Iowa is a simple place, but an honest place. It’s not just a bunch of flat-land farmers. Iowa has french roots, and is actually one of the most forward-thinking, intellectual states in the nation. Buy Prints Here.

Like the setting of a fairytale or the subject of a lullaby, Vermont sits nestled just south of Quebec in the Green Mountains, and was once part of New France (Vert-Green, Mont-Mountain). As the second least populous state and the fifth smallest, Vermont lays low and draws on the soul, daring it to connect with nature. Buy Prints Here.

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